Judy Monro, W Henrietta, NY

I love these little books!! What a fantastic tool!! Because there is no little kid art in them, I can use them with even teen beginners. The light green staff which sits behind the black keys made a lot of sense to one of my older kids who was struggling – he was fascinated by it – it unlocked some kind of a door for him!

These books are so motivating, and well-designed, they can zip through a book and they’re done before they know it. There’s no grumbling about sight-reading or learning to read now!

I have a transfer student who could not successfully read any but the first 3-4 pieces of her primer, which she had been working out of for a whole year. She zipped through a new Minibook in just over a minute and went on to play through her lesson which included a duet part, the 4 pieces she had in another primer, and sight-read the next 4 pieces very well – a huge switch from just two weeks ago! Another beaming child – she was so happy she gave me a hug on the way out!

For sure, your Minibooks set is one of the very best investments I have made for my students. Thanks again for such a great product. See what you’re responsible for? Wow!! You make me look good! “How do I love it? Let me count the ways…